Why Students Hate Essay Writing

The well-known academic specialists from https://www.essaywanted.com/ admit that essay writing is one of the most dreaded activities that students come across during high school and college. With every academic progress they make it becomes even more complicated and challenging. There are students who hate writing essays and find easier ways or alternatives in order to write them. There are also students who like challenges and love writing essays because it provides them with something that can build and enhance their skills. Those students who hate writing essays struggle very hard because they lack interest and passion.

They take essay writing as a big burden on their shoulders and try to complete it with substandard writing skills and poor research skills. No matter how difficult essay writing is it has to be done because it is part of academia. You cannot avoid writing essays until you complete your studies and it is a prerequisite to acquiring a professional degree. The purpose of this article is to highlight the reasons as to why students hate writing essays. Please continue reading the article to find out why students hate essay writing.

Lot of Research Work

Essay writing is not something that can be done without a proper plan and strategy. You need to be organized and efficient when it comes to writing essays because you have to complete them within the deadline specified by the teacher. One of the most challenging aspects of writing essays is the research work.

Students often have very little or no idea how to conduct proper research to gather sufficient material on a particular essay topic. Students fail to differentiate between authentic and unauthentic sources. They just writing anything that they come across without making sure that the sources they are seeking are authentic. It takes lot of time and dedication in order to conduct thorough research work. With poor research skills students end up getting bad grades because they fail to convince their teachers.

Poor Writing Skills

Once research has been conducted and facts have been gathered you need to present them in a logical and structured way. You need to include arguments backed by facts and figures in order to prove your point. Many students struggle when it comes to writing essays in a more logical and coherent way. They fail to construct arguments in a convincing way and as a result they fail to get good grades. Essay writing is difficult indeed but it can be mastered through practice. The more you spend your time practice writing essays the better you will become at it.