Why Students fail to get Good Grades when Writing Essays

Essay writing is a difficult task that students have to face throughout their academic career. Once students progress to senior high school they learn to write essays in a structured and organized way. Once they progress to more senior grades they come across writing even more challenging and complicated essays. During higher academic levels students often have very little margin for errors. At that level students are expected to write flawless essays with proper use of citation style and other writing specifications. Moreover, students also have to present their essays in front of the entire classroom and have to convince their audience. There are certain things that frustrate students because no matter how hard they try they always fall short of getting a high grade.

They are prone to repeating similar mistakes every time they write an essay and every time the result is similar making them even more reluctant towards writing essays. The whole objective of this article is to highlight some reasons as to why students fail to get good grades. Please continue reading the article to find out more information.

Inability to Follow Complete Instructions

One of the root causes of getting a bad grade is that students fail to follow complete instructions provided by their teacher during the lecture. It is indeed very irritating for the teachers when they receive essays with wrong approach due to failure to follow the instructions. What happens normally that when the lecture is being delivered in the classroom some students do not concentrate properly and as a result when they are assigned an essay to write they fail to follow the instructions which results in poor grade. It is always important for the students to keep a notepad with them in order to note down important points being discussed in the class about a certain topic.

These points can help students great way to approach their essays according to the instructions of the teacher. What students can do is note down all the important points and if they fail to follow or understand something they should ask questions from the teacher. This way they will know what is exactly required by the teacher and it can help them write their essay accordingly.

Failure to Proofread Essays

Essay writing is not complete until it is reviewed again and again after completion. Proofreading essays once they are completed is very crucial as it can help students make necessary changes where required. It allows students to rectify mistakes and make it according to the instructions of the teacher.